Diversity and inclusion
At ECHO, diversity is celebrated, and inclusion is at the core of our identity.

We firmly believe that an inclusive workplace drives innovation, nurtures creativity, and empowers each individual to reach their full potential.

In this section, we invite you to explore our dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. Discover how we value and respect the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that our team members bring to the table.
Our commitment to diversity extends beyond our workforce and influences every aspect of our business, from decision-making to community engagement.
We're proud to share stories of our team members, initiatives, and partnerships that promote diversity and create a sense of belonging for everyone. Explore thought-provoking articles, educational resources, and inspiring case studies that illustrate our ongoing journey towards a more inclusive society.
At ECHO, we know that diverse teams lead to better outcomes, greater empathy, and stronger bonds. We stand united in building a workplace and a world where everyone feels valued and heard.

Join us in celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion. Together, let's create positive change and build a brighter future where everyone's unique voice matters.
of our work force is 33 or under. The age range falls within 21 to 47.
Nationalities within our diverse organization of professionals and this number continues to grow
of our employee workforce is male.
of our employee workforce is female